We are a PROFI International accredited PROFIBUS Competency Center and PROFIBUS Test Lab. We have been supporting PROFIBUS development and use in North America since 1994. We have been performing PROFIBUS Master and Slave Device testing since 1995. The purpose of PROFIBUS testing is to assure compliance with PROFIBUS standards. Our testing puts the devices through their paces in a multi-master and multi-slave environment. We provide feedback and advice from a user perspective to product developers to help them bring the best device possible into the PROFIBUS arena.

PROFIBUS DP Slave Certification

PROFIBUS Slave devices are the biggest part of what we do on the PROFIBUS side of the business. We are able to handle slave devices from the simplest single chip ASIC solution all the way up to a full featured DPV1 device with multiple alarms and everything in between. A standard PROFIBUS DP slave device takes about 3 days to complete. More features means more test time. The PROFIBUS Test Application explains the test length and pricing in depth.

PROFIBUS DP Master Certification

PROFIBUS Master testing is a bit more complicated. Master devices take three weeks and require much more in depth understanding of the master and its’ configuration tool. Developer involvement in the first part of the test is critical to ensure that the test personnel are able to use the device and the programming software. Please phone or email for more information on our testing.

Pre-Testing for both Master and Slave products

If you are looking for a sanity check before the scheduled end of the project, we offer a pre-test to give you critical feedback sooner rather than later in your product development. The pre-test focuses on tests that allow for a “first look” at basic PROFIBUS functionality. We use the device in a multi-slave environment to ensure that it does not interfere with other devices operations and to check for normal expected behaviors. A pre-test takes a day to complete. We provide a list of all issues and the expected behavior.