PROFINET Development

PROFINET product development usually involves ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits), firmware, software and development kits to make the job faster and easier.

The PROFI Interface Center offers all the hardware and software needed for your PROFINET development – along with both training and support!

Software, Hardware, Kits and Training for PROFINET Development

PROFINET Development Products and Services
Whether you’re adding PROFINET to an existing product or starting your development from scratch, we provide PROFINET solutions for applications ranging between small embedded devices to industrial PCs.

Hardware-based Development: PROFINET ASICs
If you’re looking to offload processing from your CPU or move existing application code in to one chip, the ERTEC series of ASICs provides a high-performance, stable and flexible option that can be tailored to meet your needs. WIth an ARM9 core and all of the components necessary for Conformance Class A, B and C operation, the ERTEC can work alongside your existing processor, or can be configured to run your application concurrently with the PROFINET stack.

Software Development: PROFINET Firmware for Embedded Platforms
Already committed to an existing processor and want a software-based PROFINET solution? Our software stack can be used within an existing architecture to provide PROFINET Conformance Class A and B functionality.

Software Development: PROFINET Software for PCs (Windows and Linux)
By leveraging a Siemens PCI Express card , the PN Driver, or the SIMATIC Softnet PROFINET IO package, we also provide a platform for PROFINET Device or Controller development on a PC.

PROFINET Development Kits
We offer development kits for both our hardware (EB200P) and software products. With a choice between so many products, we’ve put together a table below to help you decide what best meets your needs.

Choosing the Right Platform for Your Project
Choosing the right implementation for your needs can make your PROFINET development project easier from the beginning. The PROFI Interface Center supports a number of development solutions from Siemens, covering a range of Conformance Classes and target platforms.

Choosing a Development Solution to fit Your Needs
Different developers have vastly different needs, and Siemens offers a development kit solution to meet most of them. We offer both hardware and software development kits for either PROFINET IO device and / or controller implementation. Contact us for a free consultation or developer class to help you get started fast.