Free Training

Looking to implement a PROFI-based system or implement PROFINET or PROFIBUS on your device? Our free training offerings provide a great first look at the technology and its capabilities.

One-Day Training

PI North America and the PROFI Interface Center hold several free one-day PROFINET training classes throughout North America each year.
The training covers everything from the fundamenal structure of the protocol through network design, installation, troubleshooting and leveraging the benefits of PROFI technology.
Attendees of each class will receive a certificate for 5.5 Professional Development Hours (PDH).

Please visit PI North America’s website for the training schedule and registration:

One-Day Training Schedule and Registration.


For more information on specific PROFI questions, you can check out the webinar library hosted by PI North America. Some of the specific topics covered include:

  • PROFINET and PROFIBUS in Process Industries
  • PROFIsafe for functional safety over PROFINET and PROFIBUS
  • Industrial Ethernet Architecture
  • Diagnostics for PROFINET
  • PROFINET Device Development Kits
  • PROFIenergy

You can access all of these webinars for free after registration with PI North America. They’re available as webinars or as .pdf files at the PI North America Webinar Archive:

PI North America Webinar Archive

PROFINET University

At you will find a wiki-style pool of information around PROFINET. The brief articles range from general understanding to very specific technical topics.

If you can’t find the topic you’re looking for, just send us an email and we may have that topic covered soon…