Certified PROFItech Classes

So you need to know more about PROFINET? We have you covered with both our regularly scheduled classes and on-demand courses.

Class Description – Certified PROFINET Engineer

Our Certified Network Engineer course (“PROFItech” course) is typically taught over the course of a week in Johnson City, TN. Students are immersed in industrial networking protocols, from the specifications of the protocol all the way up to application-level management techniques. In one week, this course covers the breadth of material students need to design and maintain a PROFINET network, and equip them with the tools they need to solve new problems and challenges as they arise.

PROFINET Course Description

PROFINET is built on IEEE 802.3 Ethernet, and so is the PROFINET Certified Network Engineer course. Students spend time learning the basics of Ethernet, from frame structure to TCP, UDP, IP, SNMP, and other higher-level protocols. They then learn how PROFINET leverages these protocols for everything from low-jitter Real Time communications to no-jitter Isochronous Real Time communication.

With theory settled in the first two days, the course moves to the practical aspects of network design and troubleshooting. Students configure real-world hardware with a common engineering tool and troubleshoot the system using PROFINET diagnostics and low-level network analyzers such as Wireshark.

Finally, students are introduced to several advanced topics, such as PROFIsafe, Simple Device Replacement, Fast Start-up, Shared Device, I-Device, or basic network security. After both a written and hands-on final exam, the students earn their certification from PROFIBUS & PROFINET International.

Become a Certified Network Engineer with PI North America

PROFItech classes are offered for PROFINET. Attendees who successfully complete the written and practical tests are rewarded with the title “Certified PROFINET Network Engineer.” They also earn 24 Professional Development Hours (PDH). Each class runs Monday through Friday, ending at noon on Friday. Most classes are held in Johnson City, TN. and sometimes at various cities in North America.

PROFItech Course Certification Schedule

Please visit PI North America’s website for a schedule of upcoming classes and locations. Registration is limited so please register early.

PROFINET Classes – Agenda and Registration

Pricing and Availability

While our courses are normally held through PI North America at our Johnson City location, we can provide on-site certified training or special-topics training on request. Contact us at [email protected] for pricing and availability.