We’re a PI-accredited Test Lab (PITL) for PROFINET conformance class A, B and C devices and controllers. A conformance test not only indicates that your product works over PROFINET – our tests also include real-world usability and customer-driven feedback. At the end of the process, we work with our customers to resolve any open issues and bring the product to market as quickly as possible.

Device Certification

This is our bread and butter in the PROFINET Test Lab. PROFINET’s rapid growth in North America means that we stay busy testing products that utilize PROFINET solutions from just about every vendor in our market.

A standard PROFINET I/O Device with two network ports and modular I/O takes about three days to pass the certification test. More complex products, like networking gear, can take significantly longer to complete the process.

Controller Certification

A PROFINET Controller test is more complex than an PROFINET Device test, and usually takes several extra days to complete. Because each Controller comes with its own configuration software and user interface, customer involvement in these tests is critical. For more information, drop us a line from our contact page.

Additional Tests

Not looking to certify a product, but want an expert to take a look at your design? We can help you with that, too.

Our Pre-Test incorporates a lot of the elements of a full PROFINET Device Conformance Test, but we focus our efforts on test cases that exercise application code rather than the PROFINET networking stack (breadth-first error search, rather than depth-first). A Pre-Test takes one day to complete, and we provide a full list of issues and references to the PROFINET specification to help describe corrective action.