On-Demand Training

From installation to network design to product development, we can provide training for your team tailored to meet your needs.

A very popular choice for several years is the PROFINET Developer Training:

PROFINET Developer Training

While our certified PROFItech courses are aimed at a broad audience, we also offer device-developer specific training for PROFINET. These workshops are taught both here in our offices or at your location, or even remotely, as requested. These classes are intensive, immersive experiences designed to bring a development team up to speed on PROFINET communications and best practices. The lab exercises can be used as the groundwork for developing a new PROFINET device, while the concepts can be used to implement a device on an existing platform.

Our PROFINET Developer’s class covers the critical areas for planning, executing, and maintaining PROFINET support on a device.

Key topics are:

  • Defining the scope of a PROFINET project (conformance classes, supported features, profiles, etc.)
  • How PROFINET state machines work and common software and hardware stack features
  • Configuring vendor and device variables for PROFINET
  • Building and validating a GSDML file
  • Implement basic I/O with both physical and virtual modules
  • Coverage of the PROFINET certification test suite

Flexible delivery options

Although we believe that in-person, hands-on training is the most effective form of learning, traveling might not always be desired or an option. Therefore, we developed a hybrid format of the workshop: We ship the class equipment to the customer for the full hands-on experience, but teach the training remotely – no travel required!

PROFINET Developer Workshop – HYBRID

Customer Setup and Logistics


  • Shipping of training equipment (racks, laptops, USB cameras) to the customer site in advance.

  • Customer sets up and gets familiar with the equipment.

  • The laptops are preconfigured with the live meeting link.

Instructor Setup and Training


  • Instructor setup in our office with matching equipment, live camera, etc.

  • Each student’s station is a meeting participant for individual help and screen sharing.

Pricing and Availability

This course is tailored to the students’ needs and background, and as such run from 2-3 days with variable pricing.

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