The ERTEC 200P is Siemens’ latest PROFINET communications processor, supporting a 31.25 microsecond cycle time when used in a PROFINET Conformance Class C network. Built the ARM 926 CPU, the ERTEC 200P provides the power and overhead requirements necessary to implement most applications on-board. And for applications requiring a co-processor, the ERTEC 200P can support EMC, XHIF, I2C, SPI, four UARTs, and up to 96 GPIO pins. For more information, check out the ERTEC product page. For a more detailed view (manuals, datasheets, etc), take a look at the ERTEC 200P on the Siemens Automation Support Website.

Embedded Firmware device Solution

Along with the PROFINET stack for the ERTEC series of chips, we offer the Siemens PROFINET Device stack for generic embedded platforms that use a standard Ethernet controller. You can find more information on the PROFINET firmware at the Siemens Automation Support website.

PC-Based PROFINET Controller Solution – PN Driver

The PN Driver can be used to implement Conformance Class A or B Controller on a standard PC. More information about this solution can be found on the Siemens Automation Support Website.

PC-Based PROFINET Controller and / or Device Solution – CP 1616 / CP 1604

More information on the CP-1616/1604 based PROFINET solution can be found on the Siemens Automation Support Website.