About the PROFI Interface Center


The PROFI Interface Center (PIC) was established in 1994 in Johnson City, TN to allow easy and direct access to PROFIBUS and PROFINET technology.

The PIC team provides you with a variety of services including seminars, integration support and device conforĀ­mance testing for PROFINET.
In addition, it supplies development products and assists you in developing devices – from initial design to certification testing.

The PIC is accredited through PROFIBUS and PROFINET InĀ­ternational (PI) as an official

  • Test Lab (PITL),
  • Competence Center (PICC) as well as a certified
  • Training Center (PITC).

Please contact us for any PROFINET technology related needs….

Information and Services

The PROFI Interface Center is the PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) Accredited Test Lab for PROFINET certification testing in the Western Hemisphere. We also offer pre-certification testing to support the development process.
We offer different seminars and classes to educate North America about PROFINET technology. This includes Certified Engineer classes, free one-day training and online webinars.
If you develop a PROFINET device, we can help get you started and provide information and resources regarding PROFINET ASICs, development kits and software/firmware to go along with it.
We are here to help when it comes to device development or troubleshooting. We also have a list of valuable PROFINET resources and links to help you finding the information you are looking for fast.
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